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Drawer Full of Holsters LLP is owned and operated by a Mother/Daughter team, Kris and Gabby. We started this business to give both men and women an outlet for their own drawer full of holsters.  They're so many great companies selling holsters, but no where to send them when they don't end up working out. The supply of holsters that are collecting dust in the drawers of our community is in the thousands and those same holsters could be giving someone else joy and satisfaction. The opportunity to provide a good value to the consumer by offering quality holsters at a lower cost is what excited us about developing this idea. It is fun to try the many different types of holsters on the market but it is also important to ensure your firearm is concealed properly and our individual bodies can have great variation in size and type.  We are proud to provide an online holster resale service through buying and selling previously owned holsters for both Men and Women. 


Kris was initially exposed to firearm’s through her husband who had served in the U.S. Army in both Airborne and Military Police divisions, as well as, being a Law Enforcement Officer early in his career.  In addition, she was a Council member in her Village of residence and was the Chairman of the Safety committee which worked directly with the local Police Department. It was because of these experiences that she decided to pursue her Concealed Handgun License.  Afterwords, her and her husband began attending training and participating in shooting competitions.  During that 6 year period her knowledge grew, as well as her drawer full of holsters, as she researched numerous holster companies and attended training courses.


Gabrielle grew up around firearms due to her parents involvement in military, law enforcement and the shooting sports.  As a result, she was exposed to firearm safety and personal protection from a young age. She recently obtained her Bachelors degree in Business and is excited to pursue her passion for small business.  Gabrielle is also currently working on obtaining her Concealed Handgun License.

We are proud supporters of both Law Enforcement and Military! 


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Drawer Full of Holsters LLP