• Gabby and Kris Garren

A Woman's journey to getting a Concealed Handgun License at 45!

Updated: May 2, 2019

How it all Began

During the winter of 2012 I was in my mid-40’s and was an elected member of Council in the small village where I resided and was also the Chairman of the Safety Committee with our local Police Department. I really enjoyed working with the great group of folks both on Council and in our Police Department. However, this experience opened my eyes to ‘goings on’ within my little village that I was completely oblivious to before-hand. It was during this period that those folks were offering a two-day class in Concealed Carry which would enable the participants to obtain a CCW license from our Sheriff's department. My husband had already had his license for a number of years and thought this would be a good opportunity for me to obtain mine. At this point in my life I lived in total ignorance about firearms and probably, more appropriately, in a state of denial that they even existed. I actively tried to ignore the fact that my husband owned a firearm, or maybe two, I wasn’t entirely sure. Reluctantly, and only because he asked, I decided to ‘waste’ an entire weekend taking this class in order to obtain my license. Almost from the instant that the class began, and much to my surprise, I began intently listening to all of the information being provided. For the first time in my life I now had a rudimentary understanding of a topic that, quite frankly, seemed beyond my ability to grasp. I had spent my career as an IT Project Manager in a very complicated work environment, but for some reason this topic was just so overwhelming to me. At the end of the weekend I felt a level of excitement that I never expected when I first agreed to take the class. Within a couple months time I had obtained a Concealed Carry license from my county and my journey began to find find the perfect firearm, holster and overall carrying system.

Keeping it Simple!

In the beginning I was still very intimidated about firearms and I was terrified that I would do something clumsy or stupid which would cause injury to myself or someone else. I decided to keep things as simple as possible and go with Glocks. Since that time I’ve tried many different brands and types of firearms but I found that consolidating around one platform brings consistency to my practice. Holsters, on the other hand, are an entirely different story and I have researched most every brand on the market and my drawer full of holsters kept growing and growing and growing.

Competition Shooting!

Fast forward, I’m now 7 years into my Concealed Carry journey and my husband and I attend several defensive training classes a year in order to keep our skills sharp. I am now a member of 2 Well Armed Women chapters because I split my time between 2 different cities. And we are now active in the shooting sports and have competed in both IDPA and GSSF. We are looking forward to expanding to USPSA and 3 gun competitions in the near future.

If you are looking for concealed carry advise or want to share your story, please click on the contact us page and send us your questions or comments.

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