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Drawer Full of Holsters LLP

This Blackhawk nylon ankle holster in size 00 is great a for small 2" snub-nose revolver back-up gun (BUG). 

The ankle wrap is more narrow at the buttom than it is at the top which allows it to fit the human calf.  It also comes with a calf-strap to help ensure it stays in place and doesn't fall down where it could be seen. It also has a thumb break retention strap to ensure your firearm stays where you put it. 

  • This item is from our new stock inventory
  • Right-hand
  • Made to fit 2" barrel small frame 5 shot revolvers
  • MFG #BLA40AH00BK
  • Made in the USA

Blackhawk! Nylon Ankle Holster (Right-hand size 00)