Sell Us Your Holsters

Follow these easy steps to Sell your holsters to us:


Step 1 Fill Out the Form: Fill out the form below with your specific information.

Step 2 Tell us about your holsters: In the information section, list the make and model of the holster along with the condition of the holster.  It’s helpful to know approximately how many years you’ve had it and the overall condition.

Please note: If you have more than 3 holsters to send in, just email us the same holster details from the form at

Step 3 Package Set-up and Mailing: We will send you a mailing label to affix to your package and then just stick the package in the mail.

Step 4 We send you a check:  Once we get your package we will assess the reimbursement opportunity and will subtract a small processing fee. You can refer to the reimbursement matrix for an idea of reimbursement opportunity. Once we process the package, we will mail you a check based on our assessment.

Please note: If we determine that the condition of the holsters are not reimbursable, you will either mail them back to you at your cost or you can donate them to us.

How we determine your reimbursement: The matrix below is currently how we determine the reimbursement for a used holster. We look at the level of use, the condition it's in, the cost potential, and how likely the holster is to sell on the site. Once we add up the score, the range that it falls under is the reimbursement we will offer. 

Example: We get a holster that is lightly used (3 points), is in good condition (3 points), has a medium cost potential (2 points), and it has a fair likelihood of selling (2 points). That adds up to be 10 points which means you would get the maximum reimbursement amount.

We are sorry for the inconvenience

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to suspend the "sell" option for the time being. The option to sell your holsters through this website is no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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